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Fire in the Library

1024px-The_Burning_of_the_Library_at_Alexandria_in_391_ADI saw more than one library that was on fire this week. One was totally ablaze and the others were somewhere between smoldering. I have no doubt that kids were involved in setting the fires, or at least keeping them going. But the adults! They are the ones we should hold responsible. Some would deem them arsonists, but I prefer to call them what they- fired-up librarians.

Do people not know it’s nearing the end of the school year? They are supposed to be on auto-pilot and in the stack lining up for a final approach. What in the name of Melville Dewey are school librarians doing innovating and exciting kids this close to the end of school? Have they not had enough opportunity to initiate change, let along rearrange their spaces. Boy, some people are never satisfied.

I hope you are part of this group. Stay thirsty, my friend.


A Review of Barbara Newman’s Glamorous Glasses-

Newman, Barbara J. Glamorous Glasses. Honesdale, Pa: Boyds Mills Press, 2012. Print.


When I think of eyeglasses I think of glamorous people: Elton John, Elvis, Jackie O., and a few others that rocked some odd looking specks. But I also recall those glasses known as Clark Kent’s that were issued to military inductees. I never wanted those (and didn’t need glasses at that point), but some people even make those look glamorous. It is the search for that perfect pair of glasses or other fashion accessory that makes life quite exciting at times for some folks. I’m just satisfied to know where my glasses are located without having to resort to one of those ropes that tethers them around my neck. Maybe I’m trying not to look like a librarian?Never mind my lack of fashion, but I just read a book that reminded me that kids can even look cool in glasses as long as they are not the ones who have to wear them.

Glamorous Glasses is an all-too-cute story that should resonate with girls and their moms. Imagine what can happen when you wear a pair of prescription glasses that are not yours, and the person that should be wearing them doesn’t wear any. The story gets better when a shopping trip to the city is the background for the fun that ensues. Yes, the story is both fun and funny; it can be enjoyed at any pace by almost anyone- including boys.

School librarians will want to be sure to pick up this title for a variety of reasons. Yes, chief among those is a reminder that it can be quite cool to wear glasses. Secondly, this title is ripe for reading aloud by a bespeckled teacher or librarian. The vivid colors reinforce the sense of fashion that can be found in everyday items and how we can achieve that elusive glamorous effect. Well, everybody except me.