Space: The Final Frontier




In my The Final Frontierbest Captain Kirk voice I utter those famous words, “Space, the final frontier.” But do you remember what follows? “Where no man has gone before.” The same may hold true for school libraries these days.

Space is the final frontier for most school libraries whether they have explored it or not. All school libraries have space. It’s what one does in and with that space that matters. Library space is often seen as confining and limiting rather than a vast expanse to be explored. Many times one needs to break free of gravity and explore the space they have at their disposal.


One does not have to be a graduate of the Starfleet Academy to begin the exploration.  The only thing required for this mission is the willingness to undertake it. The first step is the most arduous part of the journey in any galaxy.


Can you answer these three basic questions about your space?


  1.      What does the space say about me as a professional?
  2.      Who else has an interest in the space?
  3.      How does the space engage the community?

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