Fire in the Library

1024px-The_Burning_of_the_Library_at_Alexandria_in_391_ADI saw more than one library that was on fire this week. One was totally ablaze and the others were somewhere between smoldering. I have no doubt that kids were involved in setting the fires, or at least keeping them going. But the adults! They are the ones we should hold responsible. Some would deem them arsonists, but I prefer to call them what they- fired-up librarians.

Do people not know it’s nearing the end of the school year? They are supposed to be on auto-pilot and in the stack lining up for a final approach. What in the name of Melville Dewey are school librarians doing innovating and exciting kids this close to the end of school? Have they not had enough opportunity to initiate change, let along rearrange their spaces. Boy, some people are never satisfied.

I hope you are part of this group. Stay thirsty, my friend.