Two Months

It’s been nearly two months (probably more) since my last entry of any consequence and my head hangs in shame. I made a secretive agreement with myself to post twice weekly beginning at the first of the year and resolved to follow the plan, but something (can’t remember what) got in the way.
I wanted to share some of the cool web-based tools I’ve been using and some quick reviews of books I found interesting as well as gems I discovered at the thrifts, but I’ve spent more time reading and listening than normal (and that’s not a bad thing, I hope). As a matter of fact, I’ve read some new Ron Rash, older Harry Caudill and listened to more jazz than I had ever hoped. Throw in some Lee Smith, Sharyn McCrumb, Adriana Trigiani, three or four tomes on the history of broadcasting and a pile of Bob Newhart and Smothers Brothers discs and there you have it: a couple of glorious months spent feeding that insatiable thirst for things that make me smile and remember.
I’m not sure exactly why my fascination with bygone days has to do with the present, but I rather suspect it provides balance to the world of eBooks, iPads, HTML5, and the other gadgetry that consumes most of my professional life. I like to think that the old has been made new again; informed by the gigabytes of data available to me (and you too) that make sense of the things I always wanted to know and be.
Suffice it to say that I have a thirst for life and learning that cannot be quenched. It all started with books and radio (the written and spoken word) and it still continues. I believe that most kids (myself included) need places like libraries and book stores filled with people who share that malady and want to create a space to make it happen. That said, let’s make it happen.


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