Look– Look Again!

O’Brien, John. Look– Look Again!: Cartoons. Honesdale, Pa: Boyds Mills Press, 2012. Print.


This book of cartoons is a frolic through the unexpected, yet familiar. While the book is targeted to an audience of young people one better…Look –Look Again! The dairy farmer, chef, woodsmen, knight, doorman and clown suggest familiar images from the annals of children’s literature.  And those vehicles provide a starting point for some twisted visual interpretations that may cause everything from subtle smirks to uproarious gut-busting belly laughs.


To be sure, the cartoons are exciting and provide a lot of room for thinking as readers, but the error is in the marketing- this book is not necessarily for eight-year-olds.  Yes, older, more mature readers with print experience may have a grand escape, but most may be tempted to discard it.  This is one of those books that need an introduction by a teacher, librarian, or a parent.  As a matter of fact, they might enjoy it much more than any child.


Teachers, librarians and parents will want to challenge themselves and their students with Obrien’s zany tales. They should make it available and make it a part of conversation, offering explanation where necessary. Challenge yourself and others to read, think and view outside the box.


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