Out of the Blue

Just when you think everything is going right: spring break trip to Ireland, great kids and teachers, summer projects planned, and then something out of the blue lights up the radar. And it continues to move closer. Late spring offered me the opportunity of a lifetime- to go to a large school system and become the lead media specialist.
After a lot of soul searching and some family conversation it was decided that it was time to make a move. The headlines that were never printed might have read, ” Fish moves from pond to lake.” it feels more like a move from a puddle to an ocean, but that is the difference between growth and atrophy.
I should have much more to reflect and write about, but will I?. Will I put some of those daily experiences and lessons to the blog? I hope so. This is a start and a commitment to myself to put up at least a new post each week.
By the way, “Out of the Blue” by the Electric Light Orchestra happens to be one of my favorite albums of all time. The closing ceremony of the Olympics featured “Mr. Blue Sky” which was just one of the many delights included on that double album of the mid seventies.


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