Tempest and Julie Cross Nail It

Most storms are never fully predicted in relation to time and place. Tempest, the first novel from Julie Cross reinforces the thought, and it will not be long before readers can acquire their own copy.  Here are my Top 10 Reasons for school libraries to acquire the first part of this soon -to-be epic trilogy:

10.  Guys want to be “Holly’s Guy”

9.  Girls will prefer Jackson to Jacob

8.  Samuel L. Jackson wants to be Jackson Meyer

7.  Time travel : All the cool kids are doing it

6.  The government, or certain…agencies…will not approve

5.  It’s more readable than Shakespeare’s Tempest, and more exciting than Lost

4.  Timelines have never been so cool

3.  Enemies of Time

2.  All the kids will talk about the books you have instead of your clothing (Ok, some of the kids)

1.  It’s your chance to prove that reading has always been about time travel and the ability to leave one place and appear in another over and over again

John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

50 HS Drive

Andrews, NC 28901


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