Singing to the Monster

Last Night I Sang to the Monster offers an inside view of the many demons, doubts, and desires that accompanies the many forms of addiction. As a result, it is not always a pretty story, and it is filled with images and language that may scare many of us. The story of Zack and his monster presents a reality that many students and adults face every day; they are trying to accommodate the past into the present. In a more universal sense, the work poses large questions about God, love, family that belong to each of us. From a technical standpoint, I was not always engaged by the text, but it does move quickly and I soon was back into the flow feeling that my time away from the text was time well spent in introspection. I was both surprised and pleased with the ending in that it gave the reader a somewhat final message about the nature of addiction (Sorry, no spoiler) . High school students will want to have this book made available to them. A prominent location combined with the cover art and the topic will cause the book to circulate. Add this book to the collection with confidence and be prepared for a heavy demand.

4 out of 5

John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

 50 HS Drive Andrews, NC 28901


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