Opposites – Opuestos

Opuestos: Mexican Folk Art Opposites in English and Spanish provide a playful bilingual experience that should be satisfying on a number of different levels.  Children will find the woodcarvings attractive and will quickly get the point that they are posed as opposites. They should also enjoy identifying the animals. As a concept book, Opuestos is a winner, but it exceeds expectations in terms of both art and culture.


The pages of this book should continue beyond the printed page into the lives of those who experience it fully.  Activities encouraging the finding of opposites will be an easy extension from the book as will the extension of language.

Classrooms and libraries serving emerging readers will want to make sure this book is available. Lending libraries serving families with young children will also want to include this as part of family resource packages. Opuestos encourages all of us in a subtle way to become more diverse and appreciative of the world in which we live.

 Best concept book for the age range I have seen in a while.

 5 of 5

 John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

50 HS Drive

Andrews, NC  28901




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