Poetry SlamGuy Style

Poetry does not seem as popular as it once was in schools. For that matter, creative writing in most forms does not exist like it did in the days before high stakes testing. Enter Lois Lowry and Gooney Bird Is So Absurd. 


Lowry has written a gem that is multi-faceted and should be required reading for all those who plan on spending time in an elementary school. Not only does Lowry create memorable characters, but she consistently creates characters that reflect an innate love for learning.  Mrs. Pigeon, the teacher of Goony Bird’s second grade class reflects the qualities of a master teacher that integrates the curriculum with life, and does so with great sensitivity and respect. Only a Mrs. Pigeon could make poetry so enjoyable for her kids.

Teachers like Mrs. Pigeon also inspire learners beyond the formal setting. The second grade class understands that and delivers a memorable multi-voiced performance as a tribute to Mrs. Pigeon’s mother whose own poetry had served as an example for many of the students’works.

Poetry needs creative teachers who embrace poetry for the sake of poetry and know that everyone has the heart of a poet. Add this book to the classroom collection, but better yet, read it aloud to your class and enjoy the lines of poetry that will be created as a result. The book is that instructive and inspiring.


6 out of 5 – It’s that good

John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

Andrews, NC  28901





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