Three Cups of Tea and Me

“Three Cups of Tea” might be a book that propels the reader into a broader and more enlightened view of the world; then again, maybe not.  There are few reasons not to like the book.  The jury has long since delivered its verdict. “Three Cups” provides adventure that ranges from alpine to urban. The story recounts one man’s struggle to make a difference, despite having little more than a vision that was incomplete. But, it is more.


The story could well be the story of most people and how they learn, or do not learn from their own experience. It is not a how-to manual for do-gooders, but Mortenson certainly shares some valuable insight about presenting his proposal in a variety of contexts.


Certainly, the story is about the power and necessity of literacy. That story is cross-cultural and it may not always play out in such exciting ways. However, it is just as necessary to realize that the need is not confined to a continent thousand of miles away. It exists in my school, town, and county where children do not have access to print materials in the home. Some have no access to materials in the school because of unavailability in their native languages.  Others have little desire and do not see the point because of generational deprivation.


What can we do? We can read “Three Cups” while asking the question, “How can I and this book make a difference in my community?” Is it trite to say that we need to think global and act local? We can buy this book, or one on a want list and donate it to a public or school library. We delight in accepting things from the community at Andrews High! We can be like Greg Mortenson and enlist the support of countless others to the cause. We can hope, because of the action we have taken together, that peace and justice will become a generational inheritance.


John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

50 HS Drive

Andrews, NC  28901


The School Library and Media Guy


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