Slam Down What Your Doing – Go GET THIS NOW

Every Human Has Rights: A photographic declaration for kids belongs on the table of every waiting room in every school, public agency, and health care provider. It is a book that can be browsed, read page-by page, or meditated upon by young and old.


The United Nations’ Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been simplified and amplified by the team of National Geographic and the ePals Global Learning Community. The full and rather sophisticated text of the Declaration is included in the appendix, but it is the enumerated and simplified captions that make this particular edition valuable. The pictures and the writing of kids from around the world only enhance the value of expressions such as, “You have the right to a free and safe LIFE.”


Also included is valuable information that can help everyone take the ideas beyond the page and into the world. Former President of Ireland and member of The Elders, Mary Robinson, contributes a foreword that is truly inspirational.


Order this book for your children and pass it along to the neighbors, or make it a gift to your school and take an active part in changing the world one reader at a time.


5 out of 5


John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

50 HS Drive

Andrews, NC  28901




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