Life Before the Hardy Boys: The Case of the Stinky Socks

The Case of the Stinky Socks is an aromatic mystery that will be enjoyed by young readers that discover the Milo & Jazz Mysteries series recently introduced by the Kane Press.


The enjoyment is sure to last beyond the life of the book because the readers are exposed to some rather interesting illustrations that capture the investigative process.  These illustrations, coupled with the activities at the end of the book prepare kids to seek out and unravel the mysteries in their own world.


The mystery itself is not easy to decipher before the conclusion; wrong paths are explored and hypotheses are revised. The simple language makes this little mystery accessible to all but the earliest readers.


The book would make a nice gift or addition to a classroom library where exposure to different types of literature is essential. Boys, girls and teachers will love the investigative strategies that apply scientific method in a school-based story.


5 of 5


John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

50 HS Drive

Andrews, NC  28901


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