ABetter Way: After Gandhi: One hundred years of nonviolent resistance

After Gandhi: One hundred years of nonviolent resistance offers a very selective history that is used to explain nonviolence in a very modern context. The vignettes and their principal actors are presented to illustrate the practices often associated with Mohandas Gandhi.
It is within the context of these vignettes that the book introduces the reader to essential terms such as “apartheid,” “strikes,” “junta,” “petition,” and dozens more. The summaries of the incidents are concise and retain the focus of their ability to demonstrate noviolence. The concise biographical data that follows each of these entries is also helpful, but not entirely necessary.
The illustrative material that was done in pastels feels more like charcoal, but communicates clearly the seriousness of the subject matter. Unlike the illustrations, not everyone views the situation in such stark terms. There is hope with each generation. Justice and war are still issues of importance, and it requires a new and personal call to action. The Obrien’s make this call, but it could be louder and stronger. Aside from the cover illustration depicting the progression of nonviolence from Gandhi to the masses, and a few pages at the end of the book devoted to their own action, the O’brien’s eliminate their own influence. Their backgrounds as activists give their voices experience and authority. They have the ability to connect the works of Nobel laureates to the everyday experience of children.

3.5 Out of 5 for Motivational Work
4.5 Out of 5 for Coverage of the Topic

John Parker
Media Coordinator
Andrews High School
50 HS Drive
Andrews, NC 28901




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