Sing With Me, Our Abe Lincoln . . .


From the first line of Our Abe Lincoln to the last the book sings itself. Drawing upon the annals of Lincoln’s presidential campaign for material this song/book/historical record provides the perfect introduction for young children.


Teachers and children will have many opportunities for success with this book. It can be read, but why? Set to the tune of  The Old Gray Mare, this book demands a sing-aloud by the reader. Anything less will just miss the point.  And the point is that children can and should be taught in an engaging manner. That method is also emphasized by Barbara McClintock’s illustrations that suggest that children can recreate the scene in their own public performance donned in period attire.


This is one book that embeds a body of core knowledge into the hearts and minds of children in a way that will develop into a lifetime memory that can be shared and recalled again and again. Teachers of Pre-K and early elementary aged children will also find ample opportunities to pair movement with the lyrics and create their own interpretations of the work. Add this book with confidence to any collection, but be prepared to sing.


John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

50 HS Drive

Andrews, NC  28901


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