Tad and Willie Tell All – Lincoln and His Boys

Just in time for his 200th birthday, “Lincoln and His Boys” offers much more than a cursory account of the beloved president’s life. The story is biographical and Tad and Willie are the storytellers. Their fictionalized dialogue based on historic accounts gives Wells great credibility as both researcher and writer. The dialogue is engaging, yet challenging the reader to discover new words that have long passed out of popular usage. The text is covered with facts that are skillfully woven to give a rather complete story of Mr. Lincoln’s perspective of the Civil War.

Teachers of American History from upper elementary through high school will find uses for the book. Although intended for a younger audience a middle or high school teacher may use it in a center to give more perspective to the importance of Lincoln and his family. Generally speaking, good resources that probe the relationships of the Lincoln family are missing from most school curriculums.  Even more scarce are books that tie the family influences to the administration itself. Clearly, “Lincoln and His Boys”  will invite children to explore  the other factors that influence decision making. Add it with confidence to your classroom or library. 


4 out of 5


John Parker

Media Coordinator

Andrews High School

50 HS Drive

Andrews, NC  28901


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